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Internal Hard Drives

The search filter below should make it easy for you to list products that match your specific requirements. You do not have to select values for every parameter - just set the ones that matter to you. If you find it difficult to use the search filter you may want to try the search wizard, which will let you set one parameter at a time. In case you don't want to use the filter or the wizard, you can simply show all 524 products in this category.
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Interface (Select all | Clear all)
SAS (13) Serial ATA (1) Serial ATA III (335)
SAS 12Gb/s (165) Serial ATA II (9)
Transfer rate (Select all | Clear all)
1,5GB/s (1) 3GB/s (9) 6GB/s (348) 12GB/s (165)
Capacity (Select all | Clear all)
200-400GB (17) 1-2TB (60) 4-5TB (67)
400-600GB (24) 2-3TB (60) 5-6TB (16)
600-1000GB (25) 3-4TB (21) 6TB+ (233)
Rotational Speed (Select all | Clear all)
<5400 rpm (92) <7200 rpm (379) <10000 rpm (20) <15000 rpm (32)
2,5" (102) 3,5" (421)
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