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Ports/Connectors: SAS, SATA
External Ports: No
Host Interface: PCI Express x8
Internal Ports: Yes
Out of stockETA: 2020-03-13

Data center, IT, and general consumer server environments have a broad range of requirements—from basic connectivity to extreme data storage capacities. The Series 8E entry-level 12 Gbps PCIe Gen3 SAS/SATA RAID adapters deliver the robustness of hardware RAID in an entry-level solution. They offer performance acceleration through built-in cache and are optimized for platforms where a Series 8 adapter would not fi t due to price, form factor, or host connectivity. The 8805E, with eight internal SAS/SATA ports, is ideal for applications that require more bandwidth. Both models fi t the requirements of industrial PC workstations or entry-level servers. The 8405E and the 8805E support a maximum of four and eight devices respectively, as neither support expanders.

Maximum Performance for Entry-Level RAID Adapters
Series 8E RAID adapters can also be coupled with 12 Gbps SSDs, providing maximum read/write bandwidth and IOPS for the most performance-hungry applications. The 512 MB DDR3 (1600 MHz) built-in cache (recommended for read and write-through caching) provides maximum acceleration.

Advanced Data Protection and Ease of Use
Adaptec RAID Code (ARC) delivers maximum reliability with RAID levels 0, 1, 1E, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60. ARC also offers RAID Level Migration (the ability to easily migrate RAID levels), Online Capacity Expansion (expand capacity without powering down the server), and Copyback Hot Spare (when a failed drive has been replaced, data is automatically copied from the hot spare back to the restored drive).

Microsemi's Adaptec RAID Code (ARC) delivers maximum reliability with an industry-leading feature set, including all of the RAID levels the industry has come to expect, plus unique features like fl exible confi guration modes for the adapter, hybrid RAID, and optimized disk utilization (ODU) where no available space is wasted. Microsemi's Adaptec maxView provides an HTML5 web interface that can be used in standard desktops and mobile browsers for all storage confi guration and management needs..


- 12 Gbps throughput at each port
- 4- and 8-port low-profi le MD2 with support for a maximum of 4 and 8 devices respectively
- Mixed mode RAID adapter and HBA functionality
- 12 Gbps and 6 Gbps compatibility with HDD or SSD SAS/SATA devices
- 12 Gbps throughput per SAS port using mini-SAS HD connectors
- Microsemi's 12 Gbps RAID-on-Chip (ROC), x8 PCIe Gen3 interface with 12 Gbps SAS ports to enable a new generation of performance
- 512 MB DDR3 (1600 MHz) cache
- Up to 500K IOPS

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